Playstation App Releases on iOS and Android

You can now download the PlayStation App.
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Just two days off from the PlayStation 4 launch, Sony has at long last released the PlayStation App of iOS and Android devices.

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The app has been widely touted by the company, who has boasted previously unseen levels of connection with a console. Sony boasts that the app will be able to manage you entire PlayStation Network presence; from your friends list, to your trophy collection.

The most impressive promise Sony has given us is the ability to make purchases on the go; we can wake up our console to download a game, update, or movie, so we don’t have to wait when we get home and want to play.

Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s SmartGlass, the PlayStation App, has some competition and it will remain to be seen if the new app can compete with Xbox’s already established (and frankly, really good) second screen companion.

Check back later this week for my impressions of the app and how it communicates with the PS4.

Sound off in the comments down below and let me know if how you like the new PlayStation App! Do you think it’ll be able to compete with SmartGlass, or has Sony fallen too far behind in the second screen initiative?

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