PlayStation on Switch? Sony Hints at New Remote Play Capabilities

The survey mentions the Nintendo Switch, as well as offline Remote Play and access to classic games.

The survey mentions the Nintendo Switch, as well as offline Remote Play and access to classic games.
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Sony is circulating a Remote Play survey asking participants a wide variety of questions, not least of which includes what devices they want Remote Play available on. Ho hum it might seem — except it mentions the Nintendo Switch as an example. The news was posted on Reddit by u/YouRedditHereFirst, along with images of the survey.

It’s just one example of alternative devices, with others being phones and tablets. And it’s also just one question among many, many more. However, it raises some interesting questions about what Sony has got in mind for Remote Play moving forward.

One question asks about customizable controllers you can fit to your hand, while another mentions a smaller, portable DualShock controller. Another asks whether you want access to PS1 and PS2 games (uh, yes please), and some questions revolve around accessing Remote Play offline.

Though Sony officially announced the end of its portable systems, it doesn’t seem as if we’ve heard the last about Sony’s portable gaming in general. Whether this means the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility will be connected to Remote Play, or if this is a completely separate venture entirely, we don’t know.

Maybe the rumored Switch “Pro” has something to do with it, or maybe Sony’s just looking to adopt a Microsoft-esque stance of getting its software on everything.

With the PlayStation 5 release date coming up at the end of this year, we hopefully won’t have too much longer to wait until Sony releases some more PS5 news.

Either way, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Remote Play and next-gen console news as it develops.

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