PlayStation Plus League: Sony’s new eSports platform

Sony's PlayStation 4 joins eSports with its new PlayStation Plus League

Sony's PlayStation 4 joins eSports with its new PlayStation Plus League
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A new website has been discovered, only hours before the PlayStation conference at Paris Games week, revealing that Sony is going to be bringing eSports to the PlayStation 4 with PlayStation Plus League. 

This new eSports platform for Sony will be starting on October 28th, during Paris Games week, and finish on November 1st. A €20,000 cash prize is up for grabs during this tournament. From the website, a number of games will have tournaments for the PlayStation Plus League including, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Battlefield Hardline, Fifa 16, Project Cars and Mortal Kombat X

Championships will be held throughout the year with different divisions set up so players can go against opponents that match their skill level.

A post has also been found on the Project Cars sSports website, giving more detail on the PlayStation Plus League. From the website, there will be different divisions for Project Cars. Division 1 will be for the top 32 players in the game, and Division 2 will be for the rest. At the end of every season, the bottom 11 players from Division 1 will be relegated, and the top 11 players from Division 2 will be promoted. Cash prices will be offered every month to both divisions with a €150 cash pool for Division 1 and a €50 cash pool for Division 2.

It cannot be certain if this structure will also apply to other games associated with the PlayStation Plus League.

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