Playstation Teases New Insomniac Games Title on Facebook

New Ratchet/Jak crossover on the way?

New Ratchet/Jak crossover on the way?

Sony’s Playstation Facebook page has begun uploaing a series of photos that appears to be teasing a new Insomniac game.  Yesterday they posted what appeared to be a picture of a purple hybrid solar eclipse with the caption “When Worlds Collide.”

Today, they posted a second image. The eclipse is now gone, and in it’s place is what appears to be a large purple portal of some sort.  It looks a bit like the Precursor Ring from the beginning of Jak 2, however Sony has tagged Insomniac Games in their post instad of Jak’s creators, Naughty Dog.  There is also a second part to this image’s caption, which now reads “When Worlds Collide Heroes Return.” 

Many of the facebook comments on this new image are speculating that this image is teasing a crossover between Jak and Daxter and Insomniac’s hit series Ratchet and Clank.  This sort of crossover isn’t unheard of, the two characters have met twice before in Playstation Move Heroes and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. The latter is a fairly recent game that has had fans hopeful for continuations of the Jak and Ratchet franchises, so fan hopes are high that this could be one game that continues both stories. While it’s just speculation at this point, stay tuned, as I’ll try to post an update when they do eventually confirm whatever new game they’re teasing. Also, check out Playstations facebook page in the following link to see the images they have up now: 

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