Playstation’s Gamescom 2013 Press Conference

Indie developers were a huge focus for Playstation at Gamescom, but there were several blockbuster titles shown as well. Skip to 19:10 for the start of the Press Conference.

Indie developers were a huge focus for Playstation at Gamescom, but there were several blockbuster titles shown as well. Skip to 19:10 for the start of the Press Conference.
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The press conference starts with showing off the user interface and game play of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Gran Turismo 6 is the next shown, which will launch on December 6. A Gran Turismo film is also in the works.

Little Big Planet Hub is slated for later this year.

New hardware bundle of PS3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 and headset exclusive to Playstation will launch on September 17. This will also give buyers 75% off any Rockstar game.

PS Vita is launching Borderlands 2 as the first time on a portable system. Vita’s price is also changed to $199. Also, Fez, Starbound, and Velocity 2x indie games are coming to PS Vita.

Playstation shows great interest in Indie developers

New game and footage showed, Murasaki Baby. It uses a unique pencil drawn style.

Another unique game called, Big Fest, let’s players become promoters and has real music from unsigned bands.

Several indie developers are shown in a video explaining why they enjoy creating for PS Vita.

Mark Cerny, lead systems architect, takes the stage and explains some of how they developed the PS4, including how it’s performance is 10 times that of PS3. He claims the PS4 is quicker, more economical, and more efficient for indie teams to develop for. There are several things Playstation is doing to make developing for PS4 easy and possible for anyone, including free development kits.

N++ and other indie games will début on the PS4. Minecraft will finally début on the PS4 at launch. War Thunder, a next-gen MMO based on World War 2, will also be coming.

Playstation showcases a variety of game cultures

Playstation will have studios all over the world producing games from many different cultures.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, by ChineseRoom, video shown. Seems to be post-apocalyptic with the last line saying, “The story begins with the end of the world.”

Shadow of the Beast will be re-imagined on the PS4. It boasts a creature-like main character, gritty combat, and a desert landscape.

Blockbuster titles were not left out

New Infamous: Second Son trailer was shown. Every time I see it, the graphics amaze me. This time around a new character is shown that the main character appears to take powers from.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, multiplayer footage was also shown. Players will be free to create their own Warzones.

New Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag naval combat game play was shown. There was also a demonstration of remote play by using the Vita. The switch was seamless and looks to give Nintendo a run for their money in that department.

Co-founder of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemont, takes the stage and shows off Watch Dogs. He also announces a film based on the game to be in the works. Watch Dogs will have exclusive content for the PS4.

Free Services and offers for Playstation 4

Twitch, along with several other video services, will be coming to PS4 for free. Playstation is also negotiating with ISP’s in Europe to provide quality broadband connections to Playstation 4 players.

New PS4 owners will receive a free 14 day Playstation Plus trial. Additionally, an extra 90 days will be given to anyone who purchases a year of Playstation Plus via the Playstation Store.

Playstation 4 launches on November 15 of this year in North America for 399 dollars and November 29 in Europe for 399 Euros.

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