PS VR October specs and functionalities!

PlayStation’s Virtual Reality Headset is Packing Big Specs into a Small Price Tag

PS VR October specs and functionalities!

PlayStation announced the release of their virtual reality (VR) headset a few days ago. It will be launched October of this year and already Amazon UK’s pre-orders were sold out within minutes of becoming available. Why? Because the PS VR offers high-end specs at almost half the cost of its competitors. 

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Wearable has confirmed that the system will keep a “full HD 1920 x 1080 display,” but it is increasing the display to 5.7 inches. They also reported that it will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, higher than both the Oculus Rift and HTC ViveIt will also be capable of motion tracking — detecting both the front and back of the wearer’s head so that users can see directly behind them when needed. 

This headset has been made compatible with the PS4 and requires an additional processor. This processor only functions for the VR headset and is used to power the PlayStation VR’s object-based 3D audio. It can also function as display for a “social screen,” which can be used alongside PlayStation VR. It will simultaneously output to the PlayStation VR headset and other input like a TV. 

For a $399 price tag, that’s a lot of tech. 

In order to give the public an idea of the functionality of this new device PlayStation also provided us with a video reference. Take a look: 

PlayStation reports that over 230 developers are creating material for this system and over 50 games to be launched during October of this year compatible with the new system. They also announced the release of the The Playroom VR, which can be downloaded for free onto the PS VR. This will include six games to be played with your family and friends. 

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