Pocket Mortys Season 3 Weekly Update 4: Noob Noob And Prisoner Mortys

Super villain Rick horribly murders a bunch of heroes... so in other words its business as usual in the latest Pocket Mortys season 3 update!

Super villain Rick horribly murders a bunch of heroes... so in other words its business as usual in the latest Pocket Mortys season 3 update!

I’ll be honest — when I saw that the title of Rick And Morty season 3 episode 4 was “Vindicators 3: The Return Of Worldender,” I was terrified we were in for another awful interdimensional cable adventure. Come at me bro, because those episodes aren’t even remotely worth watching and never should have been made.

While those horrifyingly unfunny missteps are the only weak link in this otherwise stellar series, thankfully my fear of trekking down unscripted lane once again was unfounded. The odd mouthful of a title instead sees Rick taking the role of evil villain (well, more than his usual amount of evil villain) by killing off super heroes in devious ways.

An all new episode from this Adult Swim smash hit means even more new Ricks and new Mortys to find in the Pocket Mortys mobile game! Below we cover everything that arrived this week and is now available in the latest update.

There’s been a whirlwind of new content added to Pocket Mortys every single Monday afternoon since the new season started. If you missed any of the latest updates, check out what’s new in the Rickstaverse:

Pocket Mortys: New Ricks From Season 3

The big draw this week is of course Noob Noob, who is fast becoming this season’s beloved offbeat character, taking the role of the unexpected Mr. Poopy Butthole.

Everyone’s going to be running around as Noob Noob or Pickle Rick though — so if you want to spice up the different dimensions with a little more color, there’s also Hawaiian Summer and Hawaiian Rick to grab through the Salesman Rick’s menu!

Pocket Mortys: New Mortys In Weekly Update #4

Last week’s update saw an amazing five new Mortys added to the Morty Deck. Now that you’ve hopefully all found Mortys #205 – 209 and fought them to the death in multiplayer mode, you’re in for a treat: there are six Mortys to find this week! They run the gamut across all three main Morty types and include another full trio to be upgraded. Anyone want to place bets now if we get seven next week?

Vindicator Morty

First up is the solo Vindicator Morty, who can’t be evolved from or to anything.

Right now we know he’s available through Club Rick coupons. It’s a good bet he’ll be found in one of the dimensions but it’s not clear yet which specific one.

  • Type: Scissors
  • Skills: Outburst, Attention, Suit & Boot, Stare Down, Clarity, Stare Gaze, Rush, Mortify, Reboot
Hawaiian Morty

Next we have the ready-for-vacation Hawaiian Morty, sporting a boring white lei that seems to defeat the purpose of having a lei in the first place.

He doesn’t upgrade at all, but that’s OK, because he’s got plenty of skills all about keeping himself happy.

  • Type: Paper
  • Skills: Flair, Lick, Reminisce, Love Bug, Pout, New Wave, Love Yourself, Exfoliate, Ricky Tikki Tavi
Sherlock Morty

This week’s final solo Morty added to the Morty Deck, the investigative Sherlock Morty sports a handsome hat… but still his regular yellow shirt. Boo!

  • Type: Paper
  • Skills: Preach, Brand, Blind Swing, Stare Down, Protect, Shatter, Extort, Nod Off, Sign Off, Attrition
Prisoner, Felon, and Federation Prisoner Morty

Finally, we cap off with a three Morty upgrade path that goes from the scantily clad Prisoner Morty to the more appropriately dressed Felon Morty and finally ending with the bad ass Federation Prisoner Morty.

  • Type: Rock
  • Skills: Outburst, Slam, Dead Stare, Stare Down, Blood Pressure, Nail, Heave Down, Nod Off, Humiliate (Felon Morty and Federation Prisoner Morty only), Juice (Federation Prisoner Morty only)

Did you miss Rick And Morty Season 3, Episode 4? If you want to see a not-so-thinly veiled Guardians Of The Galaxy get torn to bits, check it out at the Adult Swim website, and let us know what you’ve thought of this highly anticipated season so far in the comments below!

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