Pokemon GO Adds PokeStop Showcase Competitions

A new competition has made its way to Pokemon GO.

Image via Niantic

If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering why XXS and XXL Pokemon in Pokemon GO get flagged when trying to transfer them. The answer is now clear. These teeny tiny and massive Pokemon are getting their own competition, called PokeStop Showcases. Introduced during the 7th Anniversary Party event, you’ll be able to show off your spectacularly sized Pokemon against other players. Here’s how PokeStop Showcases work in PoGO.

During events, a specific Pokemon will be selected from those highlighted during the event and given a size category: smallest or largest. You can enter your qualifying Pokemon at unique PokeStops that have the Showcase symbol above them. When you go into the PokeStop there will be a showcase button showing the competing Pokemon, as well as letting you enter yours.

Video via Niantic

You can only enter your Pokemon into one Showcase at a time, but you change which Pokemon you have entered. All participating trainers will receive rewards at the end of the Showcase, while the number 1 winner will be awarded a medal.

Showcase Pokestops will remain the same throughout the season. Once you spot one, be sure to note it so you can revisit it once another PokeStop Showcase competition starts. The first PokeStop Showcases are calling for the largest Squirtle they can find. With Community Day Classic on Sunday being for Squirtle, you’ll want to be on the lookout for the biggest XXL one you can find.

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