Pokemon Go is a Go in Japan

Pokemon Go was just released in the land of the rising sun.

Pokemon Go was just released in the land of the rising sun.

Last week, it was reported that Japan would not be able to get their hands on Pokemon Go, the latest worldwide craze, until the end of the month. However, the end of the month has been pushed up to now, as Pokemon Go is finally available in Japan, the nation that birthed the franchise.

While Pokemon Go has already been out in other countries, it was originally relegated to the end of July for parts of the world. Niantic CEO John Hanke said the game wouldn’t be available in Japan due to issues with server capacity.

Prior to the game’s release, the country’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity released a one-page flier advising players to watch the weather, where they walk, and look out for scams — among other things (as seen below).

Pokemon Go was first released on July 6th for both Australia and the United States, followed by a European release on July 13th.

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