Pokemon GO is a GO in North America

Pokemon GO is now live in North America. Are you going to be the first to catch 'em all?

Pokemon GO is now live in North America. Are you going to be the first to catch 'em all?

UPDATE (07/18/2016): Pokemon GO is now available in Canada and the US, as well as multiple European countries. To find out if the game is available in your country, you can check out this site.

UPDATE (07/09/2016): The Canadian and European releases of Pokemon GO may be held back due to server issues. GameSkinny will continue to update this situation here as it develops.

UPDATE (07/07/2016): Servers for APK installations of Pokemon GO are functional in Canada right now, however, the app is not yet downloadable officially. According to Niantic via a Reddit thread tracking the Canada release of Pokemon GO, the app should release rather today or later this week. It is currently unknown what the delay is.

It’s now official: we all live in a Pokemon world. Originally announced in September of 2015, Pokemon GO lets aspiring Pokemon trainers catch their favorite Pokemon from the original 150 in Augmented Reality. The wait has been long and has driven some to madness, but the long awaited Pokemon GO mobile game is now live in North America, and it won’t be much longer until the game goes global!

While the game doesn’t play the same way as traditional Pokemon games, it does mark the closest chance yet for players to walk around their neighborhoods and catch Pokemon in real life. All 151 Pokemon in the original Kanto Pokedex are available in Pokemon GO, so it’ll be interesting to see who will be the first to catch ’em all!

It’s only day 1 of the game’s release, but players from Australia have already been posting some whacky pictures of their Pokemon adventures. Pokemon have been appearing in the strangest of places, ranging from food pantries to frying pans.

So what are you waiting for? Your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold! Install the app for iPhone or Android now and leave your tales in the comments section below!

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