Pokemon Go set’s iTunes Records

The 90's phenomena set's new records for iTunes.

The 90's phenomena set's new records for iTunes.
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The Pokemon Go stories just keeps on going and going. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 3 weeks since the app first came out, but the popular app based on the game franchise that took over the world in the late 90’s continues to become the most talked and played game — more so than any other app in existence.

If you need more proof of how popular Pokemon Go is, the app has now become the most downloaded app in its first week than any other app on the iTunes store in history. While no official word on how many downloaded the game, Apple confirmed to Polygon about the record breaking news.

Polygon is currently asking The Pokemon Company for the current number of Downloads, as Apple declined to give any official number and Nintendo referred to them for such info. 

Pokemon Go was released on July 13th in both Australia and North America, with the app shortly becoming available to other countries like Europe and Japan.

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