Pokemon Masters Out Now, Special Launch Events Detailed

Pokemon Masters is out now, and there's a set of limited-time events going on to help you build your killer team of Sync Pairs.

After a summer of teasers and info dumps, The Pokemon Company and DeNA have finally launched Pokemon Masters worldwide today.

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While we didn’t get a lot of new information about the game itself in the launch press release, we did get a new launch trailer. Also, the first episode of the official Pokemon Masters News series did outline some special events going on for a limited time.

First up is a host of first-time login bonuses. Players can receive 1,000 Gems the first time they log in, with an extra 200 Gems every day for 10 days, also just for logging in. These are enough Gems to roll for 10 Sync Pairs.

However, there’s also a different Sync Scout event going on that revolves around paid Gems; those earned through gameplay don’t count. It’s a 10x Scout guaranteed to result in a 5-Star Sync Pair, but if buying the Gems is a concern, this particular event lasts until November 28.

Meanwhile, there are a few offers for 1,600, 3,200, and 5,200 Gem discounts as well, though they do vary depending on what operating system the user’s phone runs and where they’re located.

On top of that, there’s a set of missions celebrating Pokemon Masters‘ launch that offer unique and helpful items upon completion; these will be available until October 17.

Finally is a unique story event featuring Blue and his Pidgeot from the series’ first generation. Story events are limited time opportunities to fight alongside a Sync Pair that hasn’t been introduced in the game yet or that players haven’t managed to already recruit.

During this event, players will team up with Blue to fight Kanto trainers, and winning these fights plus completing the event will net the player a variety of unique rewards.

Those who aren’t familiar with what Pokemon Masters is and how it works can check out our coverage of the basics and also the game’s combat to get up to speed.

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