Today's Pokemon Presents showed off a number of new Pokemon games, including a tease for a new big Pokemon project.

Pokemon Presents Unveils New Pokemon Snap, Teases Big Project

Today's Pokemon Presents showed off a number of new Pokemon games, including a tease for a new big Pokemon project.

The Pokemon Company dropped a surprise tease yesterday for a presentation called “Pokemon Presents” (as in “ta-da!” not “here’s a gift”), promising 11 minutes of Pokemon news today. Following the rapid-fire presentation, we now know a little bit more about Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Cafe Mix, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon GO Fest 2020, and the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. 

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We also know there’s a brand-new project in the works. Here’s everything shown off in today’s Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Smile

First up was a brand-new title called Pokemon Smile.

Pokemon Smile is most definitely geared towards parents with young kids. It’s an app encouraging tooth-brushing habits in young children — and hey, maybe in adults too, if you really need it. You’ll brush to rescue Pokemon from nefarious bacteria, after which you can catch and befriend the Pokemon. Pokemon Smile is available to download now on Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon Cafe Mix

Next was a puzzle game called Pokemon Cafe Mix, where you own a Pokemon cafe visited by Pokemon (of course). You’ll take their orders and fill them by completing different puzzles that take advantage of a unique swirling mechanic. But Pokemon Cafe Mix is also about actually managing a cafe.

You’ll hire Pokemon to help staff the cafe, and they’ll offer special abilities to help through the game. As you continue doing a good job, you’ll attract new Pokemon and also unlock swag to decorate your cafe.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is free to start and will launch for Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android devices “soon.”

New Pokemon Snap

After what seemed like an eternity of agony, we’re finally getting a new Pokemon Snap game called… New Pokemon Snap. For now at least, since it’s still in development. The name could change. 

You’ll visit multiple islands stuffed full of Pokemon spanning all eight generations, and while we didn’t get actual gameplay footage in keeping with the spirit of summer, we know New Pokemon Snap will launch on Nintendo Switch when it does release.

Pokemon GO — Go Fest 2020 and Mega Evolution

As Pokemon GO players probably already know, Niantic is making this year’s Pokemon GO Fest all, but Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokemon Company, mentioned that Victini the Victory Pokemon is also making an appearance during the Pokemon GO Fest 2020.

On top of that, Mega Evolution is coming to Pokemon GO in a way that’s specially designed to fit Pokemon GO‘s gameplay. Galarian Farfetch’d is also available to catch in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass launched during the presentation as well, and there were a couple of special events announced in honor of the launch. A special Max Raid Battle featuring Zeraora is available starting now through June 28, and if 1 million players take part and win, everyone will get a Shiny Zeraora. Just make sure you get the right Expansion Pass version.

New Project

In usual Pokemon Direct fashion, the presentation closed with a teaser for an unannounced new project. We didn’t actually get a name, but we’ll be hearing more on June 24 in another Pokemon Presents episode focused specifically on this unannounced Pokemon game.

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And that was it for today’s Pokemon Presents, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon news and the next Pokemon Presents on June 24. 

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