Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Area Zero DLC Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon, NPCs, and More

Here's the trailer for the first gameplay from the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Area Zero DLC.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received a new gameplay trailer during the recent Nintendo Direct presentation. The Teal Mask is the first DLC, set to launch in fall 2023, with the Indigo Disc going live in winter 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete release dates just yet.

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The Teal Mask DLC brings you to the area of Kitakami during a school trip, introducing NPCs Carmine and Kieran and the Festival of Masks, which takes place in Mossui Town. The trailer shows we’ll interact with the three guardian Pokemon and get a glimpse of a new Pokemon while experiencing the local customs. Besides the festival, we’ll get to explore the area teeming with Pokemon, both new and old, including Aipom, and battle against new trainers to level up your current team.

The Indigo Disc DLC brings us to Blueberry Academy, a school floating in the middle of the ocean. We’ll meet Lacey, one of the students there, and learn about the Terarium Dome, which contains four different environments filled with Pokemon, including Pokemon from different lands, such as Alolan Exeggutor. The trailer also showcases another new Pokemon species coming in the DLC.

As a bonus, there’s a Special Tera Raid Battle event occurring between 8 a.m. PST June 21 until Sunday, July 2 at 4:59 p.m. PST. During the event, a Chest Form Gimmighoul makes an appearance with the possibility of encountering Shiny Chest Form Gimmighoul. In addition to the Tera Raid, there’s also a Mystery Gift to grab with the Password TREASUREHUNT, good before July 31 at 7:59 a.m. PST. Redeeming it will get you:

  • Nugget x10
  • Rare Candy x10
  • Friend Ball x1

The Teal Mask and Indigo Disc are currently available for pre-order. More information about the DLCs will be released in the future, so stay tuned for more updates.

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