Pokemon Special Event: This Ain’t Your Mommy’s Magikarp

Japanese fans in Nagoya can show up at the Pokemon Center to claim their level 99 shiny Magikarp.

You’re fishing. Trying to catch a new water Pokemon to take care of your friend’s Emboar since you decided to choose Snivy at the start. After about 20 tries, all you manage to catch are Magikarp. You give up and decide to trade online, because everyone knows that Magikarp is useless.

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Well, this Magikarp is not useless at all. As part of a special charity event, the Pokemon Center in Nagoya will be delivering to its fans a special event Pokemon: a shiny level 99 Magikarp. It knows flail, hydro pump, bounce, and splash. Not only that, but it’s holding a rare candy in order to sweeten the deal.

If you have ever done a Pokemon special event before, you know that they usually give out legendaries. It’s surprising and hilarious that they are doing an event based around Magikarp. If you happen to catch yourself in Nagoya, Japan between March 20th and May 6, make sure to pick up this special water-type.

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