There's no bird like Delibird for the holidays in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Christmas Max Raid event.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Present a Dynamax Delibird Special Event

There's no bird like Delibird for the holidays in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Christmas Max Raid event.

It’s the time of year for exchanging gifts and, snow (in the northern hemisphere at least). If you’re playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, it’s also the time when a giant ice bird throws exploding presents at you.

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Starting today and running “for a limited time,” Sword and Shield players have an increased chance of running into Dynamax Delibird, the Ice/Flying Santa Claus bird that learns just one move: Present.

Present is a random move that either does a set amount of damage or heals your opponent.

Delibird isn’t exactly rare to begin with. In fact, if it was snowing when you first left the Meetup Spot in The Wild Area, you probably came across a few dozen right away. Still, you’ll get extra Candy as a reward, plus more Ice-type Technical Records (the breakable items that teach stronger moves). Ho ho ho.

To trigger the increased chances of encountering Dynamax Delibird, you’ll need to go under Wild Area News under the Mystery Gift section of the main menu and connect to the internet to update the Wild Area.

While you’re there, you can also redeem a code for 10 Luxury Balls from Game Freak.

To redeem the 10 free Luxury Balls, look under Mystery Gift, then go to Get a Mystery Gift and enter the code PRESENT. Luxury Balls increase your Pokemon’s friendliness on whole, so if you’re looking to rack up those friendship points, it’s not a bad deal.

These Wild Area events just keep rollin’ out, with this one following on from an earlier Gigantamax Snorlax event.

There’s bound to be more on the way, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield news as it unwraps.

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