Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Update: New Story Details and Ultra Beasts

The Pokemon Company released a new trailer and several story details about the upcoming games, including a new Team and Ultra Beasts. We've put it all together for you here.
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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon details have been slow in coming up to now. But today, there’s a new trailer (see above) and a wealth of new story information from the Pokemon Company. As was hinted at in the games’ first reveal, the story takes a more central role in the upcoming sequels, with new characters, a mysterious new Team, and even more of the enigmatic Ultra Beasts.

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Remember the Ultra Wormholes from the original Pokemon Sun and Moon? According to the Pokemon Company, they make a return in the sequels, and you’ll be travelling through them on Solgaleo and Lunaala. They take you to “new worlds”, and the new trailer details one of them in particular: Ultra Megalopolis. This is a city ruled by Necrozma, who’s stolen all the light, except that which shines at the top of a strange tower.

You’ll also be meeting the Recon Squad, a mysterious group from beyond the Wormholes whose goals are yet unknown. What is known is that you’ll get a different version of the story depending on which version of the game you play. For Ultra Sun, you see Recon Squad members Dulse and Zozzie’s story, while Soliera and Phyco will take center stage in Ultra Moon.

There are also a host of new Ultra Beasts, one of which is associated with the Recon Squad: UB Adhesive. This one is a Poison type. Its head is full of venom, and it spews it forth via a needle at the top of its head. It can also understand human speech and displays a variety of complex emotions as well.

The other two Ultra Beasts are version exclusives: UB Burst for Ultra Sun, and UB Assembly in Ultra Moon. UB Burst is a Fire/Ghost type. Its head is made up of odd sparks, and it has the curious ability of making its head explode, as you see in the trailer. A favorite trick of UB Burst’s is to lure its opponents into a false sense of security through odd behavior and then detonate its head. UB Assembly is a Rock/Steel type and is actually comprised of a variety of different organisms. Each stone in its body is an independent lifeform, and when it confronts foes, a red eye in each stone lights up.

In case you missed it, there was also a Japanese trailer released a short time ago that emphasizes the more dramatic elements of the story, including Necrozma’s role in it. You can find that below.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the new details and Ultra Beasts!

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