Pokemon Uranium goes live

The Pokemon fan game features over 150 new Pokemon in a brand new region.

The Pokemon fan game features over 150 new Pokemon in a brand new region.
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In the midst of crazy Pokemon Sun and Moon news and constant Pokemon GO headlines, the fan made game Pokemon Uranium has gone live. The game, available for download now, features an entire region and over 150 fake Pokemon (Fakemon? Yes?). 2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, and the strength of its fan base has never been more evident.

Uranium is a passion project by fans ~JV~ and Twitch. Just like real main series games, players must navigate through a region, called Tandor, packed with new Pokemon and gyms in their quest to become the Tandor Regional Champion. Unlike regular Pokemon games, though, Uranium features a mystery at the heart of its narrative involving the player’s mother, who died in a nuclear explosion many years ago.

The game also features a new feature called Nuclear Type, which can corrupt Pokemon and cause them to sometimes attack the trainer. The benefit of using a Nuclear type? It resists and is super effective against 12 out of the 19 types present in the game, making them powerful foes in battle.

The game became available for download August 6, though the website has been up and down since then due to huge amounts of traffic. You can follow its Tumblr page for live updates and a link to download a mirrored version.

Even though the game is free, it’s likely Nintendo will shut the game down due to copyright issues, so grab it while you can!

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