Pokemon X And Y North American Commercial: Nostalgic Adventure

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I dreamed of awesome new legendary PokemonThe first US commercial for Pokemon X and Y has aired on television. The advertisement features young actors, adorable computer generated Pokemon, and some breathtaking computer vistas. The commercial might seem slightly cringe-worthy to some due to the questionable graphics, but to me it is retro, adorable, and a throwback to the golden age of Pokemon. The game launches in North America and Europe on October 12th and is sure to give Nintendo 3DS sales a boost when it comes out on that platform.

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I dreamed of all new Pokemon

As a kid I had a binder filled with imaginary Pokemon I wanted Nintendo to create. I carried it everywhere and wrote stories about my little friends. None of my exact creations will ever be made, but with this generation I’ve seen some things pretty close to my favorite archetypes.

There will be a lot of new Pokemon in X and Y to be sure, but Nintendo has stayed true to it’s roots with most of them. Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie are the three new starters which are (thankfully) grass, fire, and water types. They’ve given Eevee a new evolution (those are always fun). They’ve even given us a new flying type that harkens back to Pidgey and Sparrow, Fletchling, Slyveon, and others. These are certainly new Pokemon worth dreaming about.

I dreamed of a whole new region to explore

X and Y are set in the Kalos Region inspired by the geography and beauty of France. It should be luscious and green with plenty of bushes to cut and paths to ride your Skiddo down. The backdrop will be inspired by French architecture and landscapes. That’s worthy to see.

I dreamed of awesome new legendary Pokemon

Pokemon X and Y not only has two new legendaries, but also mega-evolutions to super-power some old and new friends. It’s unclear exactly the mechanics of megaevolving, but it looks pretty cool.

I’m excited that the next generation gets to experience Pokemon anew just as my friends and I did in the ’90s. I think Nintendo has recognized their roots with X and Y and are making a game that will be really spectacular for the children of the 2DS and 3DS as well as those of us who had Gameboys and GameBoy Colors. The game will be rated E for everyone.

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