Pokemon X Searches Lead to… Certain Results

I like Pokemon, and I know a lot of people like Pokemon more than me. Unfortunately I know that there are people who like Pokemon a little... too much. Now kids are finding this out too, and in a way that's got people getting angry.
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Hey, NSFW ahead. Not really, but I’m just making sure you don’t get surprised/upset half way through the article. I’m not exactly happy about the subject either.
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I’m sure that some of you have heard about the newest generation of Pokemon coming out. X and Y are the 6th generation in the series and has been welcome by a large number of fans (where’s MY Ruby/Sapphire remake!!) so of course a lot of people are going to be searching the web for anything related to Gen VI, whether it’s rumors, confirmed evolutions… videos. Maybe by now you realize that whenever you search for something with even one ‘X’ in it… it pulls up some questionable stuff every now and again. This doesn’t really mean much unless you’re aware of what “Rule 34” is and how deranged people can get over certain things.

This really isn’t anyone’s fault in particular… but it is kind of ridiculous (and hilarious in a deranged sense) but the U.S. is one of the biggest centers of Poke` fandom, you’d think Gamefreak would be aware of how we organize our SFW content from our NSFW content. Sure, it does seem at times that this country can be a little prude, but when you know how prude a country can be you should probably plan around that. Now considering that most of the people pulling up not so kid friendly content would know to put in the full title for Pokemon X when searching it on google or making sure that the safe search is on, or at least keeping your search to Youtube as all adult content is forbidden on that site.

In my opinion, they should have just made that Ruby and Sapphire remake I’ve been dieing to see. Sure I can just keep playing my copy of Sapphire, but I want a DS version sooo bad! While this whole “searching Pokemon X bringing up porn” thing is kind of alarming and short sighted, it’s hard to blame just one person. Ya, Nintendo and Gamefreek should have thought ahead a little more, ya we should just keep naming them colors (I feel old now), but it’s up to the parents to make sure that they keep their kids away from the stuff they don’t want. Sure it’s impossible to keep them away from everything, but that’s a part of growing up… finding out the horrible secrets behind your favorite things.


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