Pokemon X Y – Leaked Legendaries Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa

Hoopa is just too dang cute for me.

Hoopa is just too dang cute for me.

Some dedicated Pokemon X Y fan has found a way to access the files hidden away in the game cartridge. This has lead to the leaking of a few unreleased Pokemon, three of which are brand new legendaries.

The most interesting part of these new legendaries is that they are special types: fire/water, ghost/psychic, and rock/fairy. So far, only one rock/fairy type exists: Carbink; the other two types have yet to show up in-game.

Pictured above is Volcanion. It is a fire/water type. It looks sort of goofy until you make the association of it being sort of like a hadron collider.

Even then it is still goofy.

Pictured above is Diancie. It is a rock/fairy type. It’s got some sweet-looking crystal pigtails. I wish I could get my hair to look like that.

Long lost twin?

The header image is a picture of Hoopa. Hoopa is the ghost/psychic type. This will make for an interesting type match up against other Pokemon.

Where and When Can I Find These?

It is not known where or how you will get these legendaries yet. The current speculation is that they will be available in the locked power plant areas on Route 13. Perhaps this will be unlockable via DLC. They could also come out as event Pokemon, like the Torchic and Giratina that are/were available recently.

I think the DLC idea is the most likely. There have been other leaked images of previous legendaries Mew and Arceus. This means that they are already in the game files and are probably awaiting unlocking DLC and/or possible region DLC.

Adding further to the case for DLC are all the NPCs in game that mention another region. This has been speculated as either Hoenn or a previously unreleased region. Going by the remakes of Kanto and Johto, it would not be surprising if Game Freak remade the third generation games.

Need more information about the game? I’ve got you covered with Professor Neckbeard’s Pokemon X Y Walkthrough.

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