Pokken Tournament will release on march 18. new fighters and game modes coming to the console version.

Pokken Tournament news rushing in ahead of release date

Pokken Tournament will release on march 18. new fighters and game modes coming to the console version.

New game modes. New Characters. And finally a release date. Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament will release March 18, 2016. Over the last week, through official announcements, leaks, and teasers, we’ve received a lot of new info.

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The biggest news is the March 18 release date. We had previously been left with the vague time frame of March. The arcade version of Pokken Tournament was released in Japan last summer. American fans have been waiting ever since a console port was announced in October. Those who purchase an early copy of the game will receive the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card.

Three new fighters have been revealed. Braixen (the Kalos fire starter), dragon type Garchomp, and classic Mewtwo will be playable at launch. The characters were originally seen in a leaked copy of this month’s CoroCoro Comic magazine. It is not clear how classic Smash Bros amiibos will interact with this title. Pikachu and Mewtwo are both playable and have amiibo figures available. It would not be crazy to expect amiibo support. The new characters are now shown on the Pokken Tournament website, with screenshots and descriptions of each one’s play style.

Lastly, a Pokken Tournament website was created. The website is still under construction, but we were teased with more content. A tab labeled “My Town” can be seen. There is no such game mode on the arcade version. Fans are left to speculate what this could be — an in-game mode or a side website for tracking stats? We’re hoping for a reveal prior to the release date.

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