Power Up Digital Games Offers Free, Online Conference for Indie Devs

For indie developers looking for help, the Power Up Digital Games Conference is right around the corner.

For indie developers looking for help, the Power Up Digital Games Conference is right around the corner.
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The Power-Up Digital Games Conference is holding its third free event to educate and inspire indie developers. Running from midnight on October 25 until 2:30 p.m. on October 28, the event will be held entirely on a Discord server so that people from all over the world can participate without the necessity of traveling and paying for lodging. 

As in the past, this newest event will focus on a theme, “Syntax Error”. The theme is meant to bring focus to the fact that while there are a ton of problems in the world of indie game development, there are just as many solutions. 

The event is meant to bring together knowledgeable indie developers to give newbies a chance to learn from their collective experiences.

Some attendees include:

  • Mark Soderwall, Founder of Indie Game University
    With over 20 years of experience creating a directing games, Mark Soderwall created Indie Game University to share his real life experiences with others.
  • Renee Gittens, Creative Director and CEO of Stumbling Cat
    Renee Gittens is currently involved in creating Potions: A Curious Tale, as well as making a video blog about the process, titled “Making Potions: A Tale of Game Development”. 
  • Rich Bosso, President of Hyperkinetic Studios
    Having previously worked on a variety of AAA titles, Rich Bosso co-founded Hyperkinetic Studios to puch the limits of the interactive learning and gaming industries.  
  • Tara Voelker
    Another veteran designer, Tara Voelker is a big proponent of accessibility. She is an accessibilty consultant, aiming to push for games to be made more accessible to players with disabilities. 

There are currently 36 guest speakers set to appear for panels involving everything from design to marketing. 

Make sure to join the Power-Up Digital Games Conference Discord server. And don’t forget to visit the PDGC website for the full list of panels and guest speakers.

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