Prepare to Be Mocked by the Dog Once More: Duck Hunt Comes to Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo Direct Announced Duck Hunt release on Wii U Virtual Console and Gets Super Smash Bros Honors

We all vividly recall the 8-bit laughter after a round of Duck Hunt on the NES. Just sit back for a minute a recall how angry you probably got after trying your hardest to shoot down all the winged “enemies” with you Nintendo Zapper. The round finishes and up comes that dastardly dog that is supposed to be your hunting companion, laughing and pointing at you.

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Memory Lane get you all heated? Well time to revisit that classic title, as during the Nintendo Direct Live Stream event, Duck Hunt was announced for Virtual Console release on the Wii U.

Unfortunately the Zapper will not be making a come back, but we are treated to using the Wii Remote as a weapon. Prime those trigger fingers as I can see a few gamers going back and spending plenty of time reliving the past in between plays of Hyrule Warriors.

No release date was given but we do have something to hold us over till it arrives. Nintendo also announced the Dog will be coming to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS as unlockable characters. There will also be a stage designed in honor of the game. 

Nintendo Direct announced a lot of goodies coming our way, Duck Hunt wasn’t the only interesting piece. Majora’s Mask 3DS was also announced and sounds very promising. Take a look at GameSkinny’s update on the reveal for more info.

Keep your eye out for a lot of great games and add-ons coming from Nintendo. After this Nintendo Direct, I’m definitely excited for the coming year.

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