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Preregistration for Pokemon Sleep Starts, New Trailer Shows You How to Play

Get prepared for a good night's rest with Snorlax and Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Company International has announced that preregistration for its latest mobile app, Pokemon Sleep, has started and shared a trailer that shows us how to play the “game.”

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Pokemon Sleep takes tracking your sleep and turns it into an activity. You can highlight healthy sleep habits by researching different Pokemon Sleep Styles and raising a Snorlax. Pokemon Sleep will be available on Android devices, with preregistration available on Google Play. There’s no firm release date the app just yet.

Pokemon Sleep takes place on an island inhabited by Snorlax. You’ll be assisting Professor Neroli in their sleep research, using your own sleep habits to grow Snorlax and attract new Pokemon. Instead of walking around trying to find Pokemon like in PoGO, Sleep is a lot less labor intensive, only requiring you to put your phone near your pillow and track your sleep. The app will determine your sleep levels based on Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering rest.

Pokemon Sleep How to Play Trailer

Video via Pokemon Company International

The Pokemon Company showed how the app will work in a new trailer. Each night, you’ll place your phone near your pillow to track your sleep, determining if it’s a Dozing, Snoozing, or Slumbering rest. Pokemon who exhibit the same Sleep Style will visit and be found around Snorlax the next morning when you wake up.

You can make friends with these Pokemon by studying their Sleep Styles and giving them Poke Biscuits. Once befriended, you can have them gather berries, which you feed to Snorlax to raise its strength. The more strength it has, the higher its Drowsy Power, which means more Pokemon can visit for a good night’s rest.

A new area will be determined each Monday, when new research is started for the week. With the new area comes a new Snorlax to raise throughout the week. Depending on the area, new Pokemon may appear, including potentially rare Pokemon. Stay tuned for more news as the full release date is announced and more details are confirmed.

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