Prey Trailer Gives New Look At Weapons, Gadgets and Gear

The news shows us some extended looks at integral items and a glimpse at the in-game UI for leveling.

Bethesda’s Prey is a futuristic game focused on the Talos I space station, which has been overrun by aliens called Typhons who aren’t around to make friends. The initial trailer for the game debuted at E3 2016, but this new trailer goes in depth on more weapons, gadgets and gear that will be experienced by the player first hand.

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The first piece of gear unveiled is the Transcribe, a communicator that is standard issue to all Talos I employees. The device also acts as the prime interface to manage the players abilities, area maps and acts as a general user interface (UI). Next comes the Artax Propulsion System that is attached to the player’s uniform to navigate in zero g environments. The first gadget shown was the Recycler Charge and is described on the game’s site as:

“a godsend when trying to clear out a room – but it’s also extremely dangerous if not handled properly.”

The site goes on to say that standing too close will hurt the player which could possibly happen with other gadgets in the game as many are experimental.

Prey, Gun, Helmet, GLOO Cannon

The GLOO Cannon, one we can’t wait to try out, will be one of the more versatile in the game. The dual gadget and weapon will be used to hurt and to aide and was first seen in the initial trailer, but was designed to stop the escape of Typhons; which is where the next weapon comes in.

The Typhon Lure, another grenade, can be used to both distract and attract a Typhon. The only non-direct carry asset of the player officially unveiled is the Engineering Operator. These robots are hostile enemies and apparently will travel in pairs similar to the aliens trying to kill the player. These are indications of possibly more robots to be seen as the first trailer for the game showed different robots who could be distracted similar to the Typhons.

Prey, Hardware Laps, Skills Tree

A look at the user interface that wasn’t directly expanded upon in the new trailer shows quick glimpses of a wrench, shotgun and handgun, more basic items that the player will probably start with. Furthermore we got a quick glimpse at specialization tracks called Neuromods. These mods will likely act in conjunction with leveling up as the player can choose what to focus on to escape the station.

Prey releases on May 5, 2017 and if you pre-order now you’ll receive the Cosmonaut Shotgun pack including a specialized shotgun, different from the one seen in the new trailer and other gear.

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