Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Gameplay Trailer Jumps Into Action at Ubisoft Forward 2023

Summer Game Fest kicked off with a surprise as Prince of Persia The Lost Crown was announced.

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A new side-scrolling entry to the Prince of Persia series is in development and coming early next year. First announced at Summer Game Fest with a brief trailer, we got a more in-depth gameplay trailer during the Ubisoft Forward 2023 presentation.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is a Metroidvania-inspired game that combines combat, puzzling, and platforming. With the last Prince of Persia game having been released over 12 years ago — and the Sands of Time remake starting over — this is a genuine surprise to fans of the series. Coming to PC, Amazon Luna, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on January 18, 2024, here’s what we learned during the Summer Game Fest segment.

You’ll play as Sargon, a member of the Immortals, an elite fighting force. Tasked with rescuing the current Prince, you’ll head to the former glorious Mount Qaf, a land that exists in both the past and the future simultaneously. Now overridden with time curse energy that drove the inhabitants of the mountains mad and pits creatures from mythology against you, you’ll fight to reach Prince Ghassan and save the kingdom.

Mount Qaf features a variety of locales, including the Lower City and Autumnal Forest. They offer a variety of biomes to explore in this semi-open-world adventure. Aside from enemies, Sargon will meet different NPCs, including the blacksmith of the Gods, Kaheva, who will help on your adventure.

The platforming features complex levels littered with traps, varied enemies, and more set against a vivid backdrop. At the start of the game, you’ll only have Slide and Parry as your main skills. As you explore Mount Qaf and level up your Time Powers, you’ll be able to trigger vicious attack combos to take out the corrupted creatures standing in your way. Unlock the secrets of Mount Qaf as you grow in power, and attempt to balance a world gone askew.

At the Ubisoft Forward showcase during Summer Game Fest, we got a taste of the time powers Sargon can use, especially his Shadow ability. Focusing on a place, he can leave his Shadow behind, securing a spot he can teleport back to. Helpful while traversing the puzzles and traps as well as during combat, his Shadow ability is one you’ll want to master quickly.

And for now, that’s what we know about Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Release is a little over six months away, leaving plenty of time for more information to be revealed about the game. While we wait, pre-orders are open for those who’re already set on diving back into the Prince of Persia series.

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