Producing, Introducing and Releasing: Jewel Breaker

Jewel Breaker is a simple but high paced puzzle game and the studio Excamedia is investigating on how to get it on the market.

Note: The author of this article is affiliated with the Jewel Breaker project. 

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For this article I will also give some more background information about the company and the people behind the game Jewel Breaker. This way giving you all some insight in how many indies work concerning their projects and their exposure

So as one of the first games that will be published, we from Excamedia present to you Jewel Breaker. It is meant to be a very simple but cute, addicting and flashy puzzle game.

In Jewel Breaker you will see a large diamond which you can change the color of by tapping it. You now have to tap the diamonds that approach the big diamond, before they crash into it. But those diamonds will only disappear if the color of the big diamond correspond with the color of the smaller once which are being tapped.

We still have to tweak the game here and there, especially concerning the sound and the graphical effects. But the movie does show strongly what the concept of the game was.

The Company

With the new course Excamedia has been going since recently, there has been an enormous increase in development in games. Our new course is developing different sized games (besides our big project which is running in the background) for different/multiple platforms. So you can guess that one of our most simple games is Jewel Breaker, which we like to publish the coming week.

So overall Jewel Breaker is meant as a trial project, which will help us in getting more experience for our growing amount of projects and growing size of these projects. This is also meant to help us in our growing exposure, see what people like and what not. If you want to make something for a large audience, you need to mingle and ask the as directly as possible.

The Team 

This project has been started by me (Heiny Reimes) and Dominic van der Putten (intern) and Dight Lagadeau (for music and sound fx), but to push it forward we have added programmer Perry Spee (intern) and graphic artist Renske van Alebeek (intern) to the project.


First we will release it on Android as a soft launch and later on we will launch it for IOS. Perhaps there will be a release on Windows Phone and PS Vita, but since the programmers are still new at making a product ready for release, we will have to look into this. This for now means getting familiar with Google’s playstore and all the technical stuff, which does give our Intern Perry quite a headache. 

Also we need to think about how to make money, since in the end we are a company and we do need to pay the bills. For now we want to test advertisement, so people can play, without directly having to pay. This is also since people on Android are far less prepared to pay for apps than people with an IOS operating machine seem to be.

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