Project Re Fantasy Gets New Concept Art, Video and Website

Atlus releases new concept art and video for their upcoming (so far secret) project -- and lists a job opening for the project!

Atlus releases new concept art and video for their upcoming (so far secret) project -- and lists a job opening for the project!

After Atlus’ livestream on Nico Nico Douga, we now know a little bit more about Project Re Fantasy, the studio’s new medieval fantasy RPG project. For one, Studio Zero now have their own website, where gamers will able to find every bit of information about the studio and the game they’d ever want to know. There’s also a message from Katsura Hashino, the game’s Producer and Director, some beautiful artwork for the game and a concept video at the end.

For those of you who don’t know Japanese, here’s Katsura’s message translated in full:

25 years ago, the Atlus RPG uttered its first cry. Speaking of RPGs in those days, the stories of morality in so-called medieval fantasies worlds were mainstream. The Shin Megami Tensei series was released as an “opposition” to such a “common” world view, and the Persona series was released as its spin-off. Both series, even today in their latest entries, have always been made with the concept that it will be a counter to the times. And now how will Atlus, which has been creating counters to such eras, approach a new RPG? That is, to challenge the norms of the genre users have already been consuming for decades in various media on a regular basis.

So, we have succeeded at contemporary drama so far, but the next RPG theme is nothing other than a return to a “true fantasy world.” We firmly believe that to make this beautiful gaming experience, going somewhere among all the games made about overflowing fantasy worlds only we can go, is a counter to the current era. As only the creators of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona can do, we’ll offer players all around the world a “true journey” based on the themes and essence at the foundation of those two titles. By all means, please come and witness this challenge.

Also, if you think you got what it takes to help Studio Zero with the game’s development, Atlus is currently recruiting staff for the project. If you’re near Sangenjaya in Setagayaku, Tokyo, you can apply for the position here.

As the game is still in its early stage of production, Atlus and Studio Zero can’t confirm when, or on which platform, gamers will see the game. Even the concept video above doesn’t show any footage of the game, but talks more about the concept and challenge of making an unorthodox game. But Atlus has stated that they will make a game that only Atlus and the Studio Zero team can make. And we can be sure they won’t let us down.

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