Project Sen, A Hand-Animated Original 2-D Action Platformer, Inspired by Megaman X and Super Metroid

A 2-D action platformer with an atypical female lead character.

A 2-D action platformer with an atypical female lead character.

By far my favorite indie game of last year was the 2-D, hand-drawn fighting game, Skullgirls. So when several members of the Skullgirls staff formed the studio Cakemachine Games, and started work on a 2-D action platformer… I knew I had to spread the word.

Their Kickstarter has a very obtainable goal of $80,000, with PC/Mac/iOS/Android/OUYA as the target platforms. Stretch goals will include the addition of console/portable platforms as well as additional stages, outfits, characters, voice acting, and cutscenes. 

Rather than trying to describe the game… I’ll let Cakemachine speak for themselves:

One thing that immediately stands out to me (besides looking like an awesome game) is the very overt approach to the character design.

We surely don’t see enough games with female lead characters… and usually the ones we do get look modeled after Playboy bunnies. The way they present the design is also fantastic… they certainly don’t act like the game is some crusade to make female leads bigger than a size zero. In fact, body image is not mentioned at all. I find that as reason enough to throw a couple bucks their way. 

This new studio clearly has talent and in the ever-growing indie market we should come to expect games on this level of awesomeness. I will definitely be writing follow-up reports on the game’s progress. Plus, they like cake… who doesn’t like cake?

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