Proteus Makes Its Debut on Steam for $8.99 Today

Proteus, a new game with musical Minecraft feel, makes its debut on Steam today with a promo price of $8.99.

Proteus is a game about exploration and immersion in a dream-like island world where the soundtrack to your play is created by your surroundings. Presented and controlled like a classic first-person shooter, the primary means of interaction is simply your presence in the world.

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If this doesn’t sound like a game you could sit and play for hours, I don’t know what does. After watching the Youtube trailer (which I may or may not put on infinite loop), this is definitely a game I’ll be picking up later today–especially with the 10% discount which sets a $8.99 promo price.

Proteus appears to be a Minecraft type game that doesn’t include any building or foraging. I compare it to Minecraft because of its 8bit environment, and that it appears to be friendly to all ages, making it a great game for kids who liked Minecraft. This is a game you will not want to miss.

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