PS Now Games for January Cooking Up Lost Legacies on the Horizon

PS Now's January games are three big hitters from recent years you won't want to miss.

PS Now's January games are three big hitters from recent years you won't want to miss.
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PlayStation Now is set to get three new games to start the new year. These January 2020 PS Now games are some pretty big titles, too. Though they’re a tad older, users are sure to be excited to finally get their hands on some of Sony’s best games. 

Here’s what subscribers can expect on January 2.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a gorgeous, open-world game that’s as compelling now as it was when it released two years ago. You’ll follow the tale of Aloy, who is naturally a Chosen-One type (this is an RPG after all) and watch her emotional journey unfold across a bizarre landscape.

But the real joy here — and one reason we loved it so much — exploring Horizon‘s massive world, and it’s partly because the game cuts down on the bloat of things like its crafting system.

Overcooked! 2

Sequels have to navigate that tricky balance between rehashing old material and being too new. Fortunately, Overcooked! 2 manages that tightrope walk pretty well. It’s the same wild, zany action you (might) know and love from the first game, garnered with a generous dash of new obstacles, locations, and scenarios to work your way through.

Like all good recipes, Overcooked 2 is versatile as well, good for solo or co-op play with the young’uns.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was something of a departure for the beloved Uncharted series. It shifts focus from usual protagonist Nathan Drake to other important characters from Uncharted 4, and in doing so, it offers a fresh take on the franchise.

That’s good, since the rest of the game is basically pure Uncharted, for better and for worse. But hey, it’s free with PS Now.

That’s it for January’s PS Now games. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PS Now news as it happens. And if you’re wondering what the difference between PS Plus and PS Now is, we’ve got you covered

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