PS Now is now on PS Vita

PS Now is finally arriving on PlayStation Vita!

PS Now is finally arriving on PlayStation Vita!

Yup, it’s finally here. PlayStation Now is finally arriving for the PS Vita.

With the Vita joining the PlayStation family in the PS Now subscription service, you’ll be able to enjoy games like God of War III and Dynasty Warriors 8, all games announced for the August lineup.

With more games on the way, you can check out the upcoming games currently announced for the service: 

PlayStation Now is a service that allows you to play PS3 games on any console, handheld, and Smart TV that the service supports.

You can try out PS Now with a 7-day free trial, in which you will be charged $19.99 each month afterward, should you choose to continue your subscription. Of course, the aforementioned games aren’t the only ones available to the PS Vita. You’ll have more than 100 games to try out and they’re all free for a week if you try out the service.

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