PS Vita 2000 to be Japan Exclusive, For Now

The newest upgrade to Sony's struggling handheld is staying in Japan for the forseeable future.

Sony revealed the new PS Vita 2000 model a couple days ago.  Featuring several upgrades to the original model as well as a price decrease, it was an exciting prospect for those who hadn’t gotten their hands on a Vita yet.  However, now it seems like Sony is keeping the new model at home in Japan.

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Wait, Japan only?

Yep, unfortunately Sony has said that, at least for the moment, the new console will be exclusive to Japan.  They did say that they were “considering every opportunity” for the system in a recent interview, but for now the new model will remain in Japan.  It’s a shame, as the Vita 2000 offered several upgrades to the original, including a slimmer, lighter design and a longer battery life. It also offers a standard Micro-USB charging slot, which makes the lives of Vita owners everywhere easier.

Why make this move, Sony?

While it sucks for those of us overseas who might want a better version of the Vita, it’s not a bad business move on Sony’s part.  The Vita has had some pretty abysmal sales worldwide, and the console has had a lot of trouble since launch. It has very few titles that are a big draw for an American or European audience at large, as well.

Japan, however, is a different story.  Handheld consoles are a really big deal in Japan, and in many cases are preferred to home consoles. Gaming in Japan is a much more directly social experience, as gamers in the country like to meet up and play with each other locally. The Vita has several titles and features that complement this culture a lot, and demand for it is much higher in Japan.  As such, a much more limited release in a country that appreciates the console more can help them gauge fan reactions to see if a wider release is necessary, and also help stem the hemorrhage of money that the Vita has been for them so far.

What do you guys think? Are you disappointed you might not get the chance to try the new, improved Vita? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Playstation news.

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