PS Vita gets a new game: Volume

PS Vita has a new game! Who knew?

PS Vita has a new game! Who knew?

Who says the Vita doesn’t get new games anymore? Announced in a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Volume was released today for the PlayStation Vita. Already made available last August for Steam and the PlayStation 4, this comes as quite a nice new year’s gift for any Vita owners out there or those that got a brand new Vita this past Christmas.

The game – set in a futuristic version of the Robin Hood story – is a stealth action game that is heavily influenced by Metal Gear. In addition to the base game, any buyers can look forward to the level editor packed in as well. A tool that lets the user create and upload their own level designs, players can enjoy playing their own user-created levels or those of the Volume community. 

As an bonus, this game is crossbuy! If you already own it on the PS4, then you also get the Vita version for free! Not to mention the already announced Volume: Coda for PlayStation VR that will be available at no extra cost when Sony’s VR device releases (supposedly) later this year. So are you Vita owners looking for a new game to play? How about you give Volume a try.

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