PS4 4.00 Update Brings Folders, Trophy Improvements & Much More!

Sony has finally added a long awaited fan requested feature, folders, to the PS4 in its upcoming 4.00 update.

Sony has finally added a long awaited fan requested feature, folders, to the PS4 in its upcoming 4.00 update.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled the first details regarding the upcoming 4.00 update for the PS4. The update, code-named Shingen, will bring with it a number of brand new features such as refreshing the system UI, folders to help organize your games, trophy improvements and much more! The update will be available tomorrow for all those that were signed up and accepted into the public beta program. 

Unlike the last major PS4 update, 4.00 focuses very heavily on usability as they aim to create a much more streamlined experience for players when navigating through the UI. The upcoming update is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as it adds some of the most requested fan features to-date.

UI Refresh

Some of the most notable changes to the systems main user interface will be new system backgrounds, a revised What’s New tab, updated popup notifications and some redesigned system icons. 

Quick Menu

The quick menu, which is accessed via pressing and holding down the PS button, has been overhauled. The menu will now load faster and will be much easier to use. The biggest change will be the fact that it will now only cover a portion of the screen, whereas previously, it would force you to leave gameplay entirely.

Share Menu

Previously limited to uploading 10 second video clips to Twitter, players will now be able to share videos that are up to 140 seconds long. Following along with the usability theme, the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots to will be saved to make the process of sharing content more streamlined.

Folders & Library Organization

Sony has finally fulfilled one of the most fan-requested features to date: folders. Players will now be able to create folders on the PS4’s content launcher and library, where they will be able to collect and store their favorite games and select apps to one easy, quick to access location.

Along with the introduction of folders, players will now be able to access a Purchased Content tab in the library. Here players will be able to view all the content they own – games, applications, demos, and betas they have participated in.

Trophy Improvements

Players will now be able to view their trophy collection without an Internet connection. Hidden trophies have also received an update as they will now be viewable should the player wish to view its content.

User Profile

The User Profile now makes it easier to see relevant information for a player at first glance such as trophy progress compared to another player. Along with this, players can now add background images to their own profile, which includes the use of in-game screenshots that have been taken from their favorite games. 

An official release date will be announced for the upcoming update in the coming weeks. Full details regarding the upcoming PS4 4.00 update can be found here.

What new feature are you looking forward to utilizing the most? Let us know below!

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