Getting PSN errors after updating to PS4 8.00? Here's what they mean, with a few potential error fixes.

PS4 8.00 Update Causing Multiple PSN Errors: Here’s What They Mean

Getting PSN errors after updating to PS4 8.00? Here's what they mean, with a few potential error fixes.
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Sony pushed out the latest PS4 update (8.00) on October 14, which adds in new avatars, party options, parental controls, and enhanced two-step verification. It also removes event and private community creation and makes changes to the remote play app.

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But not everything’s going so smoothly. The PS4 8.00 update seems to be causing a number of PSN errors. Here’s what they mean and how some users are getting around them until Sony releases an official fix (which they say they’re currently working on). 

PSN Error WS-44369-6

Error WS-44369-6 relates to online interactions with friends and is keeping folks from forming parties. Some of the users that have run into this error have reported it just resolved itself after a few hours.

Others found you can work around error WS-44369-6 by:

  • viewing a friend’s profile
  • creating a party
  • playing as usual

You may also be able to search for a friend’s PSN ID and add them manually to a party. The system still throws up the error code, but apparently still allows online play. Again, note these solutions aren’t working for everyone.

PSN Error WS-36770-3

Error WS-36770-3 shows your profile status as offline, even when you aren’t offline, and it accompanied the PS4 7.5 update as well.

A few Redditors found success by rebuilding the PS4’s database, while others resolved the issue by going to “account management” and choosing “restore licenses.”

While the best bet is likely waiting for Sony to fix the problems, these are worth trying if you’re impatient.

PSN Error WS-37505-0

Error WS-37505-0 is a network connection error that pops up when your network connection is faulty or a game’s server is experiencing issues. With the PS4 8.00 update issues, though, it’s not clear what the problem is.

There’s no workaround for this one, so you’ll have to wait or just keep trying.

Hopefully, Sony fixes these issues soon. We’ll revise this article with more information as it becomes available, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PS4 update news as it develops.

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