PS4 and PS3 get Goat Simulator

PlayStation owners now have a chance to join in on the ridiculousness that is Goat Simulator.

PlayStation owners now have a chance to join in on the ridiculousness that is Goat Simulator.

Gamers these days are primarily concerned about getting a quality product. For $60, plus costs to play online, a game had better look good and play even better. PlayStation 3 and 4 owners have gotten exactly none of that with the release of Goat Simulator on August 11th.

The absurdist game, which has gained popularity for its bugs and ridiculous premise, seems out of place next to critically acclaimed games such as BloodborneBastion, and The Witcher 3. Its appeal can be likened to that of a film like “The Room,” the notoriously terrible film that continues to have a cult following.

The premise of Goat Simulator is simple. You control a goat whose job it is to cause as much destruction as possible. Actually, that sounds reasonably accurate for a goat. You can cause destruction and mayhem by setting things on fire and traveling to outer space, all while attacking people with a tongue that would make Gene Simmons envious. This part may not be quite as accurate.

A new edition to the PS4 version is GoatVR, a virtual reality simulator that requires no additional equipment. You can see it for yourself, but have aspirin handy, because it’s not a brain friendly view, although it might not matter much when you’re flying through the world with a jetpack. I like to think that Goat Simulator is the type of life goats dream about while they’re grazing. Now it’s your chance to live that dream on the PlayStation.

For a less serious adventure, Goat Simulator is a good way to go to let some steam off. At $9.99, it may prove to be one of the better PS4 and PS3 bargains.

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