PS4 Exclusive Infamous Second Son to Blast Off in February 2014

Second Son is all the fun of inffamous in a sexy, sleek next gen package!

Second Son is all the fun of inffamous in a sexy, sleek next gen package!
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The highly anticipated, and mega hyped sequel to Sucker Punch’s killer inFamous franchise finally has a release date for February. First announced back in February of this year, Second Son is set in the bustling city of Seattle, 7 years after the shocking adventures of Cole Macgrath.

The game follows graffiti artist, Delsin, and his firey new super powers as he paints the town red. according to the game’s producer, Brian Flemming, the game will have players explore the consequences stemming from choices based between freedom and security. I smell an analogy for the present day NSA… 

Second Son Promo

The back story for Second Son goes something like this: Even though the Activated Ray Field Inhibitor appeared to have killed all the conduits it appears some like Delsin survived. So, fearing a repeat of Empire City, the Department of Unified Protection was born. The DUP has rebranded conduits as bio-terrorists, a far cry from the super powered vigilantes and anti-heroes they really are.

If the E3 trailers and interviews are anything to go by (which they usually are) this Playstation 4 exclusive looks AMAZING! Also fun, lots and lots of explosive, smokey fun! 

I’ll definitely be pre-ordering this title but let me know what you guys think in the comments! 

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