PS4 Outselling Xbox One in UK By a 1.5:1 Ratio

Sony is regaining lost ground all around the world, including the UK.

Sony is regaining lost ground all around the world, including the UK.

The PS2 owned the world. The PS3 did not. After a generation in which Sony lost plenty of ground to Microsoft’s Xbox, it’s time for the PS4 to regain traction.

It seems to be happening, too. During a press event in London (as attended by GameSpot), PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara announced that the ratio of PS4 to Xbox One sales in the UK thus far is 1.5 to 1. He was proud – and a little relieved – to reveal these numbers, because the company’s goal is to “recapture the UK market.” Gara added that Sony needed to “rediscover some grit” after the Xbox 360 stormed the gates last generation.

Gara also announced that Sony’s market share in home and handheld consoles in the UK grew from 23 percent to 40 percent in just the last two years. The PS4 exploded onto the scene last November and became the fastest-selling video game machine in the region’s history.

At last check, the PS4 had sold 4.2 million units worldwide (as of December 28, 2013) and the Xbox One had sold 3 million units (as of December 31, 2013).

If Microsoft loses the US too, it’s over

Even though Sony lost a lot of market share all over the world last generation, the PS3 was usually the most popular console in Europe and Asia. It really struggled in the US, though. Hence, it stands to reason that the PS4 will win essentially every territory except the US; if they win North America, too, this race is over before it begins.

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