PS4 Owns Xbox One in Amazon Poll

In case you had any doubt about who's winning the next-gen console war, here is a poll from Amazon.

In case you had any doubt about who's winning the next-gen console war, here is a poll from Amazon.

The Xbox One and PS4 were at each-other’s throats at this year’s E3 conference.

Not that this is a fight to death. It’s reasonable to think that no matter how many sweeping kicks and ninja stars are thrown, both will emerge profitable and highly successful in the gaming industry.

But the fact that there is a slimmer of doubt is intriguing, simply because both companies looked like they were at the verge of complete dominance a short months ago.

A new console is supposed to create excitement and buzz. It’s supposed to be an energy shot that catapults your company into profit for the next decade.

Instead, the Xbox One has just become a thorn in Microsoft’s side.

The PS4 has fared much better, appealing to gamers by promising that used games will remain playable and that the console will not have to be connected to the internet. 

So basically, the PS4 won the next-generation war by promising the exact same features that every console for the last twenty years already had.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Anyway, for those interested in seeing if this whole Microsoft collapse has been overstated by the media and by the more vocal gamers, here’s an interesting thought.

Amazon asked its Facebook followers to vote for their favorite console so far, between PS4 and Xbox One, and the tally is rather tragic for Microsoft’s all-seeing entertainment platform.

PS4: 29,276             Xbox One: 1,634

It looks like the rumors of Xbox One’s demise haven’t been exaggerated at all.

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