Psy-ber Attack! Korean Pop-Star Takes Over Combat Arms and Maple Story Europe

Save Psy from aliens, or get a "Gentleman" themed automatic weapon, as Nexon Europe goes Gangnam Style.
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Charismatic Korean pop-star Psy has taken over two of Nexon Europe’s online games, Combat Arms and Maple Story. Why? We’re not sure, apart from using the singer’s popularity to bring in the punters and keep players interested.

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Thankfully, much like bubonic plague, these events are only available in Europe. Whether the Psy-tastic events will ship state-side is yet to be seen.

For more serious gamers – and haters – this is probably product placement at its most shameless and unimaginative. After follow-up single “Gentleman” not achieving the same cult status as “Gangnam Style,” it’s anyone’s guess as to who’s trying to profit off this bewildering cameo; Nexon Europe, or the superstar himself. But for those who like to take things a little less seriously, it’s just a bit of cooky and harmless fun.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Psy

Maple Story sees Psy-themed quests. One is to help Psy find items for his big concert: “Twinkle Marbles” and clothes. The other is to rescue him from being kidnapped by space aliens, with help from the Moon Bunnies.

There are also Psy-themes items to buy, including clothing and avatar customizations.

Psy has lost his show’s sparkle…and his clothes!

Explosive Hits

In online multiplayer FPS, Combat Arms, Psy takes more of a backseat in the “Psy-Blitz” event. Players can purchase garish pieces of armour and weaponry using in-game credit, including a permanent pink or baby-blue automatic guns, the latter sporting the title of Psy’s last single “Gentleman.”

Oppa Facebook Style

In conjunction with these two events, there’s also a Facebook campaign. The more likes the games receive on their respective Facebook pages, the more free in-game goodies all players get.

Psy in Maple Story is ongoing until September 18th 2013. Psy-Blitz continues until September 24th 2013. For more information about Maple Story and Combat Arms Europe, visit and

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