Psychological Thriller Ascent Hits Kickstarter

Psychological thriller meets survival horror in this cross-medium genre mashup that's recently started its Kickstarter campaign.
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Ascent, an in-development indie title, has just hit Kickstarter starting today. The first project developed by 2Man Game Studio seeks to bring the tense atmosphere of a psychological thriller cinematic experience from the silver screen to your TV screen or monitor, as it is planned to have PC/Steam, PS4, and Xbox One releases.

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The title stars a young college grad, Brie, who has just been kidnapped after arriving in New York. Upon waking, she finds some documents that reveal she has two hours — played out in real time — to escape the abandoned office building that serves as her prison. Over the course of the game, you learn of others that have been taken prisoner and are forced to make hard decisions on your path to survival. These decisions shape not only your own destiny, but also the destiny of those around you.

The game itself takes cues from walking simulators (attention to environmental storytelling), stealth, RPG, and survival-horror genres. Currently, there is only the mock-up gameplay seen in the above trailer, wherein you can see a short stealth sequence. While the other influences are not shown in action, they are alluded to on the Kickstarter.

2Man Game Studio is asking for $15,000 and provides a detailed breakdown as to what your money will go toward covering. This mainly consists of hardware and software for both development and business applications. There also seems to be a push to create a community around the title by letting players know about development as it’s underway. 

As always, when dedicating your money to a Kickstarter campaign, you should thoroughly look into it for yourself before making any monetary commitments. With that being said, if you’re interested in checking Ascent out, then you can go to its Kickstarter page here.

Editor’s Note: The author went to college with Ascent‘s creator.

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