Public Beta: Go Time for GameSkinny

Today marks the public beta launch of GameSkinny. Let us worry about marketing, traffic and all that other stuff. You do the fun part: Make something great!

Here’s what we know:

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  • No one knows games as well as the players who love them;
  • Lots of gamers start blogs and video channels to share their interests and know-how;
  • Without marketing, SEO and PR most of those blogs and videos never reach the audience that would love them;
  • Lacking an engaged audience, people just stop making things!

How depressing is that? I’ve been through it myself, and can tell you there’s nothing to encourage a person quite like an audience, and that nothing discourages quite like the absence of one.

GameSkinny closes the chasm between the people making great stuff, and the audience that’s been missing out on it.


How does GameSkinny work?

On the surface GameSkinny is a bright, fresh news site, with a sleek, responsive design. (Have you seen it on your mobile phone or tablet yet? Sometimes I just hug my iPad when the site loads.)


Under that shiny exterior lies the beating heart of GameSkinny: You.

Whether you love games and want to share your interests through articles, videos, podcasts and images, or you are hungry for information from people who actually play and actually care about the games that you are interested in, GameSkinny is here to help you do what you do.


Why publish on GameSkinny?

Because you want to spend time creating cool content, not finding an audience.  Let us worry about marketing, traffic and all that other stuff. You just do the part you care about: Making something great and interacting with the people who check out your posts.

  • It takes just a few seconds to register and start your first post.
  • When you post, your stuff is live with all the standard editing and sharing tools you’d expect from a top-notch publishing platform.
  • GameSkinny Editors are on the lookout for awesome content to promote to the home page and other major landing pages throughout the site. We’ll help you make your awesome content even more awesome, and provide additional tips on building a following.


Where has GameSkinny been all our lives?

For months now GameSkinny has been under wraps. It’s been tested and retested, designed and redesigned, fine-tuned to be a great experience for contributors and audience alike.

Thank you to all the developers, designers, team members and contributors who have gotten GameSkinny to this day. It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next as we push forward!


GameSkinny is ready. Are you?


Ready to meet your audience? Post now!

Ready to hear about the games you love from real gamers who love them too? Browse the site!


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