P.T. still lives through a recreation called PuniTy.

PuniTy, replica of P.T. (Silent Hills) now playable on a PC near you

P.T. still lives through a recreation called PuniTy.

For those of you who did not get the chance to get a hands-on experience with the Silent Hills demo P.T., cry no longer, for PuniTy has made its way into our PCs. 

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Avid horror gamers are still sobbing over that dreaded day when Hideo Kojima cancelled the production of the new Silent Hills game, and its playable test (P.T.) was pulled from the PlayStation Store. However, instead of letting himself curl up in a corner and mourn this sad event, Canadian independent developer Farhan Qureshi took matters into his own hands. 

Inspired by the P.T. hallway, Qureshi took to studying its every detail. Through the help of the Unity Engine, the developer was able to recreate the textures, lighting, camera filters and sounds of that dark and gloomy hallway. Farhan Qureshi’s goal was not to alter the original demo’s story, but rather to ease the deception felt by gamers impatiently waiting for the game’s release.

It took him 104 hours over 4 weeks to carry out this feat, and for those who want to know how it was done, you can read up on his entire work process here.  

Silent Hills Successor in the Making

For those who wish to download PuniTy, it is available here.

For those of you who are too heartbroken about P.T.’s disappearance to even give PuniTy a chance, let the waiting games begin: a successor to Silent Hills in the making. Get ready to say hello to Allison Road

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