Quantum Break's hit sounds for your phone!

Quantum Break Ringtone Available Now (Here’s How to Get Them)

Quantum Break's hit sounds for your phone!

Ever find yourself rocking out to Quantum Break‘s awesome soundtrack? Well, now you can take it wherever you go and feel like your favorite characters at any time. The Quantum Break game makers released a series of free ringtones with their signature sounds so everyone can take the game with them!

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Uploaded onto Remedy are nine different options that can be downloaded directly to your Windows or Android phone. 

The songs and tones included are: 

  • Alan Wake
  • Monarch Solutions Theme
  • Monarch Stutter Tech Theme
  • Monarch Tech Gestures 1 and 2 (separately)
  • Quantum Break Theme songs 1, 2, 3 (separately)

Along with these ringtones, there’s the option to download “Bridges of Hope” — a featured, original soundtrack that appears in the recent Quantum Break Tribute. This tribute also features the newest trailer for the game. I would highly recommend checking it out, along with listening to “Bridges of Hope.”

How to Download the Ringtones

Follow this link to the web page where these ringtones are featured. The options to download are listed directly next to the sound title. After downloading  you can then select it as a ringtone from your audio settings.

For iPhone users, it works a bit differently. In order to use these downloads on an iPhone you must first download the files onto your computer as M4R files onto iTunes, transfer it from here to your phone and then select the ringtone from your audio/music settings. 

Happy downloading!

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