Ragnarok Online 2 Enters Open Beta in North America

Can Ragnarok Online 2 tap into that deep nostalgia well? About that..
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Those of you burned by the South East Asian server’s choice to block foreign IPs earlier this year finally have a chance to take Ragnarok Online 2 for a test spin during the North American open beta.

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The North American server is being run by Gravity’s in-house publisher WarpPortal, which also hosts the original Ragnarok Online and a few other free to play titles. The Ragnarok Online 2 open beta is currently free of IP blocks, meaning anyone can play the game regardless of their location.

WarpPortal is hosting several events throughout the game’s beta phases, which can be seen here. Several of them are time sensitive and will only last through the weekend, so be sure to pay attention to the Event Period field on each one so you don’t miss out!

Ragnarok Online 2 differs from its predecessor in nearly every way sans the grind and some familiar mobs and job classes. Check out the video below to get a better idea as to what the game is like, and whether it fits your style. (I prefer the simple charm of the original.)

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