Ragnarok Online 2: Livestream Q&A

Warpportal holds an online livestream Q&A with Ragnarok Online 2 fans.

Warpportal holds an online livestream Q&A with Ragnarok Online 2 fans.
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Due to technical issues I don’t have notes of key points of the questions and answers. However, I do have information from Warpportal.

War of Emperium

First off, Warpportal, publisher of Ragnarok Online 2, showed why they couldn’t give a War of Emperium demonstration today. In-game collision was broken, meaning characters would just pass through objects that aren’t supposed to be passable, and could not move around the world correctly. Warpportal showed their demonstration character falling through the stairs of the castle and could not get into the castle. War of Emperium player testing will begin on July 10th, despite the set back.

The Future

Present to the end of July

Warpportal also released a blog entry giving their timeline for the forseeable future. Starting with the already released Culvert of Abyss 10 man raid, the blog moves into Steam discount starter pack bundles. Those same starter pack bundles will be available later this summer for Warpportal players. July 31 will likely see the release of the Monster DNA update, otherwise known as Pet Update in the Warpportal office.

Grey area timeline

After the more solid current-through July 31st schedule, Warpportal has also given plans for beyond, stating that these plans have a fuzzy release date. A tier 3 raid called Abaddon of Despair is slated for late August early September. Also, the Noel Update, containing a new race with unique class options is in the works. Warpportal offhandedly mentioned character slots in conjunction with this new character option, saying both have remained symmetrical to this point. The final confirmed update they shared was a second War of Emperium update adding a new castle with additional options for some point in October.

For additional information

For a more in-depth look at the future of Ragnarok Online 2 look at Warpportal’s recent blog post.  You can also watch a recording of Warpportal’s livestream to catch all the questions they answered.

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