Ragnarok Online 2 North American Site Goes Live-ish

Ragnarok Online 2 is finally making its North American debut.

Ragnarok Online 2 is finally making its North American debut.

Those of you burned by the South East Asia server’s decision to block foreign IPs won’t have to wait long until Ragnarok Online 2 makes its debut in North America. Gravity’s WarpPortal service will be publishing and hosting the MMO, and the official teaser site is up offering preregistration right now.

The original South East Asian closed beta was open to all IP ranges, and some international players excited about the game got to play. Once open beta rolled around, publisher Asiasoft Online realized that the demand was too high for what they could offer; after several server crashes on open beta launch, it was pushed back and foreign IPs were blocked from logging into the game.

At least the wait for signs of Ragnarok Online 2 in North America won’t be too long. The official site went up without so much as a whisper. If you’re looking to get a healthy dose of nostalgia, head on over to the official site and get preregistered. According to the official Facebook, we can expect closed beta to start mid-April.

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