Rain Release Date and Pre-order Bonuses Unveiled

Rain is definitely an adventure game worth downloading.

Rain is definitely an adventure game worth downloading.

Rain is a new action adventure game where you have to find your way through the world of the invisible. The team at SCE Japan Studio and PlayStation C.A.M.P. have finally set the release date for October 1st 2013! 

After watching the gameplay trailer, which can be viewed above, Rain looks like a game that puts emphasis in the story but the game also looks wonderfully stylized and it looks like they took the time to focus on details of the art too. 

From footprints of the characters as they walk without the rain, to monsters that appear in the rain, the scenery is beautiful.  Everything comes together in this game with music, art, and story pulling together to make what looks like an incredible game.


On PlayStation’s blog they say that you can pick up the pre-orders until September 30th on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. They also say the pre-order will come with “a dynamic theme, five hand drawn avatars, a musical montage, and a static theme.”  I think Rain will be a fun game to explore and I would recommend you check it out! 

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